Mental Toughness & Resilience

Mental toughness is a key trait that can help business leaders and individuals find greater success. According to a Forbes article, mentally tough individuals perform 25% better than others, have a more engaged and positive behavior, and can handle stressful situations more effectively. Another article from the University of Wollongong in Dubai states that genuine leadership leads to better performance, much better morale, well-being, and positive behavior2. Professor Peter Clough has broadly estimated that all things being equal and in general, 25% of the difference in performance levels between individuals can be explained by their overall level of mental toughness. Developing mental toughness can help leaders make better decisions, manage stress, and improve their overall performance. In conclusion, mental toughness can have a significant impact on business performance. It can help leaders navigate challenges, make better decisions, and improve their overall performance.

How Do You Assess Mental Toughness for Yourself or Your Team?

Measure Mental Toughness with MTQ48 takes approximately 15 minutes to complete. Use your results to develop and improve your Mental Toughness. Team reports available also to assess overall how mentally tough your team is and what can be done to improve it.

Contact us to find out how Mental Toughness may be impacting your or your team's performance or to receive a link to take your Mental Toughess assessment. 

Cost per report and development report is 430 AED, contact us now to find out more.

Optional report debrief is available to discuss what your results mean to you and your performance and potential areas of development. 


Tough Minds for Tough Times Workshop. Mental Toughness Overview

Our mental toughness development workshop  ‘Tough Minds for Tough Times’ 1-2 days uses a blend of experiential learning and encouragement of purposeful practice and reflection. Mental toughness is a measure of individual resilience and confidence that may predict success in sport, education and the workplace. Mental toughness is frequently used colloquially to refer to any set of positive attributes that helps a person to cope with difficult situations. An intensely practical 1 day workshop with sophisticated, leading-edge ‘psychology of success’ content designed to create a profound experience for attendees. Each participant will have an opportunity to practice actual cognitive-behavioural psychology strategies and techniques that will help them manage their internal processes and gain more self-control. Participants will be required to complete a Mental Toughness Assessment (MTQ48) results and development plan will be issued at the beginning of the day.

Learning objectives

By attending this workshop participants will be able to:

  • Understand what is mental toughness and its impact on performance
  • Demonstrate the difference between Growth and Fixed Mindset
  • Place stressors and challenges into context to achieve required state
  • Bounce back from mistakes and failures, develop a more agile mind-set
  • Practice 3 proven techniques to keep in a resourceful state
  • Learn how to manage behaviours that hold them back from optimal performance
  • Destroy performance limiting beliefs
  • Apply strategies for building and maintaining energy levels at work and ensure optimal motivation and self satisfaction
  • Rewire thoughts to maximise performance
  • Develop greater concentration and focus
  • Create a personalised performance development plan to increase their mental toughness results

Interested to become a Licensed User Training. MTQ. Mental Toughness? Overview

In order for an individual or organisation to use any of our assessment tools, there is a requirement to attend licensed user training. This accredits this individual as a licensed practitioner for the assessment.

On completion of the programme participants will be able to:

  • Understand Mental Toughness and its implication for performance, behaviour and wellbeing.
  •  Be confident about using the MTQ with individuals and organisations in handling feedback. Understand its wide range of applications – in education, the workplace, social settings, health etc.
  • Understand how Mental Toughness can help individuals to deal with stress, pressure and challenge.
  • Understand how the measure can help to develop individual and organisational performance
  • The programme includes an MTQPlus assessment for the participant plus two practice measures and optional inclusion of the Developing Mental Toughness Book.

Programmes are:

  • Highly participative – optimising the opportunity to understand the concept.
  • Effective – delegates will be able to use the concepts to their full almost immediately
  • Supported by comprehensive workbooks and online support
  • Personally beneficial – all participants complete assessments in preparation for the programme

Delivery options:

  • Face to Face workshops – these are either one or two-day workshops depending on which assessment being covered. In partnership we also run an open workshop programme. Contact us to find out our next open programme.
  • For larger groups we can run an in-house programme, please contact us to discuss options
  • Web-based programmes – we also run flexible web-based programmes in a modular e-learning format.