EVIVVE Immersive Learning


Assess & Develop Leadership Competencies Through Game-Based Learning!

1. What It Is!

Evivve is a Multiplayer Immersive Online Game-Based Learning (MOGL) Tool for Leadership and Team Development, trusted by big technical and non-technical companies like Apple, Dell, Deloitte, Al-Ghurair, Netflix, Microsoft, PwC, Amazon, and many, many more.

The game has different levels of difficulty and develops the following competencies: Adaptive intelligence; Communication in today’s world; Collaboration; Breaking silo mentality; Agile thinking & acting; Making decisions with high levels of uncertainty & ambiguity; Emotional intelligence when socially disconnected; Strategic thinking; Creating high performing hybrid team; Thriving in a VUCA world.

2. How It Works

In advance we will discuss with you which future ready competencies you would like to assess and develop through the game play and debrief. Most of our clients are looking for: Breaking Silo’s; Improved Communication; More Effective Decision Making; Team Working and Focusing on the bigger goal.

At the beginning of the game participants are given an overview of the game and 10 minute practice session to become comfortable with the game mechanics, don’t worry you don’t need to be a gamer to do well in the experience, in actual fact some of our best participants have never played a computer game before. Once team members become comfortable with the game mechanics, teams are given 15 mins to agree their winning strategy, agree overall objective and how they will work together to achieve their objective. We then push them (willingly) into the immersive learning experience. In the next 60 mins, participants will need to make decisions quickly especially under pressure, collaborate fully and communicate to the highest level to ensure they were able to Evolve as one team and achieve their strategy.

Post-game we deep dive (in a safe manor) into how the team performed against the agreed VUCA competencies in the game whilst linking it back to the business and its impact on performance and moral. As mentioned, age or gaming experience is not a factor to excel in the game, its about focusing on what you can control, breaking silos, building trust, collaborating, communication and being resilient to a constantly challenging world. Team performance report can be sent post game for follow up development. Some of our clients prefer more of an immersive learning journey which involves participants going through three levels of the game over a 3-month period supported with classroom of virtual delivery between game sessions to address areas of development highlighted from the game experience.

The last few years has brought about a rapidly changing world of business, with increasing demands on employees. We need our leaders and teams not only to survive in today’s uncertain and every changing business environment, we need them to Evolve. We need them to start focusing on what they can control at this point in time and be comfortable making decisions quickly with limited information; we need them to bounce back from failure with a new and improved idea and break silos by thinking collectively not just individualistic. Are your teams ready to Evolve?

If you would like to assess and develop your teams ability and readiness to Evolve in today’s VUCA world, Please Contact Us Here!