Coloured Brain Assessment

Every company aims to maximize the productivity of their employees, departments, and the overall organization. That can be achieved when individuals have a greater understanding of what is required of them to perform their jobs better and can work well with others. Based on new research, the Colored Brain is a psychometric tool that incorporates the latest research on neuroplasticity and how neurotransmitter substances and “brain communication” work. The Colored Brain model looks at how our brain processes the world around us. By identifying the patterns in the way our brain genetically processes the environment, we’re more able to understand how to get along with each other, thus minimizing conflict and misunderstanding and maximizing individual and group potential.

One colour differs from the other colours in the way they process information, take action, learn, communicate, problem-solve, act and react in teams, and become stressed.

Colored Brain makes it EASY to understand unique communication requirements that often prevent getting everyone speaking the same language… and helps you CRUSH the barriers to create EASIER, FASTER and MORE EFFECTIVE communication across any group or relationship

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