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We deliver unique brain friendly blended learning and development solutions to transform people and organisations, create high performance environments, and ultimately improve the bottom line. Many of our programmes are internationally accredited and all of our programmes are designed and delivered to Make a Difference!

Shaun Harper
Founder and Managing Director

Where we Make a Difference in Training

Inspiring exceptional performance in business, for life

We do this using our 30 years of international consulting and training experience to work in partnership with an organisation to focus on their critical result areas to embed sustainable value. Key areas include Leadership Effectiveness, Growth Leadership, Creating High Performing Teams, Driving Sales Results, Assessing and Improving Mental Toughness.

Creating engaging solutions

We create learning and development solutions that immediately engage the learner by absorbing them in highly relevant activities. We use innovative blended solutions, gamatars, gamebased learning and powerful interventions.


Global reach with local support underpinned by a shared philosophy

We have offices in the Middle East and South East Asia. Our team of passionate and qualified learning and development professionals believe in Making a Difference in every training delivery or consultancy project we do.



Our Clients

AL Naboodah
Al Ghurair
Altaaga Global - Energy Services
Assa Abloy
Australian Embassy
Capital Catering Services
Cockett Group
Dar Al Marefa
DP World
Dubai Health Authority
Emporium Hotels South Bank
ESTA Holding
Finance House
Furjairah Bank
Jumeirah Stay Different
Laing O'Rourke
Rak Bank
Red Bull
Royal Cinemas
University of Wollogong in Dubai

What our clients say about us


Samsung Leaders - Leadership 4.0

This amazing programme had eight highly interactive and challenging leadership modules and was delivered over a three month period. This was by far one of the most exciting and knowledgeable trainings  that I've been on.

I was really happy to see my part leaders and others grow and share their ideas and creative inputs to the company.

It is an amazing programme. It's a stepping stone. It's a really amazing programme. Thank you.

 I would definitely recommend this course to everyone because the programme supplies us with the most effective tools to become an even more effective leader. Thank you once again to Samsung. Thank you, thank you.

BKA Facilities Management

Stuart McGregor - Managing Director

Training in any progressive business is a must. It doesn't matter whether it's your senior management team, mid-management, or new starters to the company. The impact of training has an impact on your business. You're motivating people, it inspires them. You're teaching them new things, and at the same time, you're creating teams. I've had a career span of 40 years. Twenty of those years have been leading businesses, and I've worked with many companies and people, developing training programs. Training programs for management and leadership skills, team building, even assessment centers for assessing the skills and needs of our people. Ten years ago, I was introduced to people centric. People-Centric have a unique and inspirational way of conducting, coaching, consultancy, and also training. I've used them for many, many training events. Their tools and techniques are inspirational. They capture the imagination of your staff, your employees, and the results are very evident. The results with your employees will change the results of your company. I highly recommend the use of people centric. They're my preferred service provider.

Al Ghurair

Kristina Golubic - Senior Specialist - Learning and Development (Technical)

I want to thank People-Centric for supporting us in our Advanced Leadership Program and also with our Open Learning calendar. They've been really amazing. What is impressive, their training materials are really well designed and our employees do enjoy them. What is better than their training materials, I would say, is the tools and the exercises they're taking from scientific approach and used and incorporated in their trainings. Thank you so much. We only have words of praise to share with you.

Adidas Indonesia

Abbas Mohamad Alir - Head of Sales

Al-zabbas, Mohammed Ali, I'm the Head of Sales in Haridas, and I would recommend everyone to take this course. It's something really important to our new generation.

New Zealand Embassy Jakarta

Jordan McGarvey - Attache and Vice Consul

I'm Jordan Mcarvey. I'm from the New Zealand Embassy here in Jakarta. I am the Attaché and Vice Consul. I was really excited to do this course. I didn't really know what to expect, but I found Shaun very engaging and he  clearly explained all of the different aspects of the course of emotional intelligence. I think the key things for me, was the self-management and being able to control the story and the E+ equals O formula,  would have been the key takeaways for me.

Indonesian Chef Association

Juna Rorimpandey - Celebrity Chef and Board Member

I like this course because it gives you to know yourself more, self-awareness, and also the social relationship that you can how to interact with other people in your businesses or meeting new people for your businesses, also organization and daily life too, in society. You will be able to control your emotion and understand more about the situation or events.


Sabrina Mustopo - Founder & CEO

Hi, my name is Sabrina and I'm the founder of Krakakoa. We recently underwent a merger with Slow Forest Coffee. So we engaged Shaun and Martin from People Centric to really help us bring our two leadership teams together, and also help us figure out how to communicate better and work together better as a team. Not only did we have the challenge of bringing two leadership teams from two different companies together, we also had new people joining our leadership team, and we have the added challenge of working across different time zones and different geographies. So it was particularly important that we find a way to communicate effectively together as a team. And that is what Shaun and Martin helped us with. Using the colored brain framework, they help to provide us with a common language where we could understand how each of us processed and communicated information.  This allowed us to better understand each other and provided the basis for a framework that we still use today in terms of our internal communication.

Prior to the session, Martin asked us a lot of questions about what our needs were, what our expectations out of the session, and he utilized a lot of the information to create a workshop that was really effective for us. Um, they had a lot of tools at their  disposal, but they picked the ones that was most appropriate for our needs. And we really appreciated that.