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Extraordinary leaders create a vision in which others can buy into, they then take their people to new heights of performance. They have a powerful ability to inspire, motivate and guide others through key areas such as change, innovation, growth and continuous improvement.

People Centric’s leadership training solutions develop these personal leadership qualities and outstanding skills in participants, transforming the way they believe, think, work, communicate and live. Participants can learn how to create an organisational culture that attracts, engages and empowers the best people at all levels, not just the board room executives.


High Performing Teams

As challenging as it is to build a cohesive team, it is not complicated. In fact, keeping it simple is critical. Whether you manage the executive staff of a multi-national company, a small department within a larger organisation, or even a member of a team that needs improvement, this programme will make the difference. This programme is supported with a team assessment.


The Nature of Teamwork (Tetra map & Belbin)

This programme provides the framework and processes to create and maintain high performance teamwork. It brings people together using their values, commitment, common goals and mutual accountability. It helps in understanding how teams are formed, work and how to maximise individuals as well as team performance. Uses Belbin Team Roles and Tetra map.


Interpersonal Communication Builds Effective Relationships

Develop a heightened awareness of how we interact within the business and the various components of human communication. Understand your own communication style and identify the styles of others.


The Effective Team Leader

Making the move into a Supervisor’s job can be demanding and challenging. It needs new skills so that you can get results through other people. These essential skills for new Supervisors do not come naturally. This course helps you start to learn them and have the confidence to put them into practice. Begin the process of effective, professional supervisory control and see the results to your department and the organisation.


Situational Leadership

We examine how both skill levels and motivation can impact how an individual approaches a task. Participants discover how 4 approaches can be effectively used to drive performance in different situations.

Participants create individual “Maps” for their own key team members that allow them to predict the most effective management strategies for given situations.


Manager as Performance Coach

Explore how effective “people managers” coach and develop teams. See how they act as effective coaches with the ability to assess and use the right technique for individual situations. Understand and benefit from the difference between Judgemental and Behaviour remarks.

Understand how to clarify positive goals that will inspire the necessary commitment and ownership to achieve them.

This programme includes a number of role-plays.


Crucial Conversations (conflict)

Whatever the challenge – from performance management to customer service to teamwork or productive internal relationships; “Key Conversations” equips you with the mindset and skillset required to have productive, real conversations that drive the outcome you want to achieve.


Emotional Intelligence

EQ, be in control of your emotions and gain the capacity to effectively manage one’s motives and regulate one’s behaviors. Our S+R=O model illustrates that whilst a situation may be beyond our control, the Outcome is not. In other words, the Situation itself does not predetermine the outcome, our Response does. Gain the capacity to understand how others are behaving, feeling and the reason they feel and act as they do. Learn how to adapt your style to that of others to achieve a positive outcome.


Relationship Management

Recognizing the 4 key behavior styles. Enhance your capacity for acting in such a way that you are able to get desired results from others and reach personal and collaborative goals. Develop a Relationship Strategy Action Plan


Achieving a High Level of Mental Resilience

This is the Game Changer programme. Learn highly effective and proven strategies to manage your own levels of motivation, drive, mental resistance and capability. Understanding the relationship between emotions, behaviour and results. This programme is extremely interactive, participative and includes Board Break as a metaphor to breaking through ones own limiting beliefs.


Manager as Team Leader

Participants attending this programme will achieve the following: Have a clear idea of your role and responsibilities as a team leader; understand what makes an effective team leader; be more aware of your strengths and development needs as a team leader; understand the ways in which your behaviour can effect motivation within the team; be able to describe the characteristics of an effective team; have analysed the strengths and development needs of your own team and will have created and action plan to develop your team’s effectiveness.


You as a Manager

Participants attending this highly interactive course will achieve the following:
Understand more about effective communication in a work environment, both the benefits and the process; understand the different working styles of others; know how to adapt personal behaviour to gain maximum benefit through interacting with others; have practiced a range of assertiveness techniques including how to get win-win situations; have examined the ways in which you can effectively manage relationships including; influencing styles and skills & managing your boss.


Carrying Out Effective Performance Appraisals

‘Feedback is information about performance or behaviour that leads to action to affirm or develop that performance or behaviour’. Learn the right way to carry out Appraisal and give Feedback to achieve the required results.


Career Management

The modern manager needs to take control and manage his or her own career. This course shows how to think about what you really want to do, what skills you have, what the market is looking for and how to market your skills and experience to that particular job market. Managers need to learn how to carry out effective career conversations.


Excelling During Times of Transitions

Learn proven techniques to stay focused and positive during the most challenging periods.


Problem Solving and Decision Making Tools

Provides tools necessary to become inventive logical decision makers.
Participants will explore a structured way to approach and dismantle problems. They will learn to clarify problems in terms of objectives and issues, with a view toward optimum outcomes for their company.


Behavior Based Interviewing

Improve the Accuracy and Objectivity of your interviewing process so that you can confidently select the best candidate for your position.

The Competency-Based interviewing workshop gives Participants a proven, effective structure to follow for the interview, together with practical experience in creating and using competency-based questions to evaluate candidates responses.


Managing Conflict

Complete an assessment on your own personal preference in managing conflict and understand how people react in one of five basic ways when faced with interpersonal conflict. Learn how to strengthen some of your least preferred conflict styles. Practice and apply proven strategies to keep the conflict situation safe and outcome focused.


Developing Manager’s Personal Strength in Managing Transition

Research indicates that 75 percent of all significant change initiatives fail to deliver the desired outcome. One of the primary factors is the leader’s understanding of the change process and people being naturally resistant to change. The programme has been designed to enable participants to identify their reactions to change and to enable them to develop strategies for managing the personal impact of change. And furthermore to create awareness of the relationship between their ability to manage their own reactions to change and their ability to lead and manage others through transition.


The High Impact Trainer (Train the Trainer)

Spectacular training doesn’t happen by accident. It requires special skills thorough preparation, high level of confidence and the right intent. Learn and practice the powerful techniques and strategies to take your training to the next level. Ensure you achieve Return on Investment from the training and your participants leave the session engaged, committed and buzzing!


Myers Brigg Type Indicator for Team Development

Learn the differences in personality type to improve self-understanding, personal development and inter-team relationships.


Extraordinary Leader Program

This programme has been designed to move your good managers to extraordinary managers . Good is not good enough in todays market place. The programme is supported with a full 360 pre course and the programme contents will be amended to meet the specific needs from the 360. Ideally we would like to carry out a short diagnostics which involves 1:1 interviews with key stakeholders to ascertain their thoughts on the specific development needs of the participant group. At the end of the programme, participants have a measureable development plan. This can be managed and followed up by People Centric or your organization.



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