A Researched Approach to Building Mental Toughness

The year has 2020 brought about a rapidly changing world of business, with increasing demands on employees. These pressures and changes take their toll -on mental health, physical wellbeing, but also business agility & performance.
The path back to recovery requires mentally tough leaders and teams, capable of doing the much-needed heavy lifting to rebuild sales pipelines, reactivate operations, and find business confidence. Helping leaders and teams find their mental toughness helps the following challenges:

  • Ongoing uncertainty in the market
  • Employee anxiety and reduced motivation
  • Panic and job insecurity
  • Maintaining accountability -helping people stick to numbers that seem unachievable
  • Overwhelming number of fires to put out, whilst expected to strategically work on the future of the business
  • Having authentic and yet challenging conversations with clients and with internal staff
  • Changing expectations about ways of working
  • Leaders may have a loss of confidence within themselves
  • Managing the sheer volume of heavy lifting that will be required (whilst avoiding burnout)
  • Fighting fires at work and at home

At a time like this, mental toughness could be the difference.

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Mental toughness is what separates the superstar from the merely good. It separates the athlete from the Olympic gold champion. The performing manager from the Extraordinary Leader. Someone without mental toughness can have all the natural talents or abilities and not make it as far as someone with mental toughness with an average ability.

Mental toughness is keeping strong in the face of adversity. It’s the ability to keep your focus and determination despite the difficulties and setbacks you encounter. Events in our life rarely go the way we’d like them to, but that doesn’t mean you have to let it throw you off your path. Mental toughness gives you the tenacity to learn from your mistakes, cope under pressure, build empowering beliefs and develop internal motivation strategies that drives top performance.

This resilience and fortitude also gives you the strength to keep emotions in check when something in your life seems overwhelming and you need to be strong. Essentially, mental toughness is the voice in the back of your head that tells you to keep going, you can do it, keep pushing, and keep trying, even when things get tough and you are tired.

How Do We Assess Mental Toughness?

There are a number of good tools to assess Mental Toughness, one of the psychometric tools that we are qualified to use in order to measure and grow Mental Toughness is Fortius-Mindset, a Research-Based Approach to Building Mental Toughness.  In 2004, Dr Cory Middleton completed groundbreaking research to produce the world’s only valid model of mental toughness. The research combined qualitative research with quantitative validation. Qualitatively, Dr Middleton identified the characteristics of mental toughness (being sure to identify the act of mental toughness rather than the outcomes of it). Quantitatively, Dr Middleton used strong statistical methods to perform a series of validity checks on the model. It was through this combination of qualitative and quantitative approaches that Dr Middleton was able to demonstrate the validity of mental toughness.

Dr Cory Middleton branded the Mental Toughness Framework as ‘Fortius-MindsetTM. This name reflects strength of mind and the inspiring sporting roots of mental toughness. Fortius-MindsetTM represents the mindset needed to drive championship performance. It captures both the protective factors along with the factors that create a state of thriving.

How Do We Improve Mental Toughness?

A Research-Based Approach to Building Mental Toughness

  • Get unstuck from attitudes that hold back leaders and teams from achieving their full potential
  • Create inspiring thoughts and behaviours, grounded in the science of mental toughness
  • Face real-world challenges with practical mindset techniques built to boost personal effectiveness

Your Fortius-Mindset Journey

  • Targeted improvement in mindset and business performance
  • Increased mastery of motivation and self-confidence in the current market conditions
  • Increased ability to avoid distraction, cope with uncertainty, and lean into an accelerated rebuild
  • Increased personal resilience, mental health and workplace engagement

The great thing about mental toughness is that you are not born with it. You don’t have to learn it at a young age. Mental toughness comes simply from the decision to consistently apply the interventions from your Mental Toughness Journey. You can start today and reach high levels of your game, relationships, and success that you never thought possible. Outstanding Skills and Abilities will take someone only so far. Without mental toughness they will not reach their full potential.

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