Customer Service Training

Our customer-centric training programmes are designed to enhance your greatest assets and give you the ability to effectively communicate with guests/clients/customers, on the phone and face-to-face on a daily basis; deliver exceptional service consistently; stay highly motivated & positive in a challenging, ever demanding environment.

All our customer service programmes are supported with People Centric’s Service Mind-Set Model


Creating A Winning Service Mind-Set

This program is designed to give service employees the tools, skills and strategies to consistently deliver exceptional service levels and standards.

Participants will learn proven techniques on how to manage their own motivation levels and understand that they are fully in control of their mind-set and attitude even in the most challenging customer situations.


Mystery Visit

We can offer a free mystery guest/customer report to help quickly identify specific service areas for improvement. Once engaged we can produce a bespoke mystery guest programme for you, measuring your specific areas of focus.

Our experience in delivering mystery shopping and mystery guest programmes for prestige hotels is extensive. However, we also have significant experience in carrying out mystery programmes for other organisations including banks, restaurants, retail, airlines, spas and government offices.


Creating Customer Service Ambassadors

Participants will learn to: take ownership of customer experience; show responsiveness and concern and address all needs. Participants will learn to look at complaints as an opportunity to improve service and customer retention. Participants will also learn how to ensure any potential complaint or potentially unsatisfied customer/ guest is on the radar to ensure all potential issues are professionally and efficiently addressed to ensure the most positive outcome.


Moving from Good to Great Service

Participants will be introduced to service fundamentals to guarantee that the basics are in place. They will then be quickly moved on to fully understand Good to Great service. This programme covers Moments of Truths and Customer Touch Points. Participants will work through the relevant Customer Touch Point and add in actionable exceptional customer moment standards.



About Us

People-Centric is a Dubai base company specialized in delivering training courses in the middle east and around the word. We specialize in the following areas:
- Leadership Effectiveness
- Achieving Sales Results
- Customer Focus


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