• Virtual Training For Your Leaders & Teams
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    The World Might Be On Lockdown, But Learning Does Not Have To Stop With People-Centric. 


    We are now operating in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world where new technologies, ways of working and players’ regularly change the rules and sometimes the ‘game’ itself.

    And we want you to experience this new world through a highly immersive learning game. EVIVVE!

    Evivve is a multiplayer game built on the Immersive Learning Methodology. The game is designed to develop important workplace competencies through collaborative management strategies. Enhance your leaders & teams ability to work with one another remotely in this new VUCA world.

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    -Bring new age learning to organisation so it too can Evolve with today’s changing times.

    -It’s immersive learning, i.e. learning happens through a reflective process as opposed to a directive one.

    -Behaviour change and lots more! Say no to boring power-point presentations and webinars.

    -Experiential learning, constantly relating key learns to the business and how learns can be applied.

    -Powerful debrief and detailed development plan which shows how effective the team performed.

    -Cost effective and flexible to address specific training needs.

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    1. Develop Trust and Collaboration
    2. Learn and practice working as a High Performing Team (Remotely)
    3. Enhance Strategic Thinking & Planning
    4. Complex Problem Solving
    5. Learn to Thrive in a VUCA World. (Leadership 4.0)
    6. Become more Agile and Adaptive in handling crisis and significant change
    7. Learn how to quickly bounce back from failure
    8. Enhance Communication Skills
    9. Enhance Project Management Skills
    10. Emotional Intelligence when Socially Disconnected


    The game including the virtual debrief is max 2 hours.

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    Example of a Learning Journey

    Example Evivve Learning Journey

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  • October 2015-Job Vacancy for a Business Development Manager (part-time)
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    A great opportunity to work with a dynamic training company based in the UAE, with global delivery. We specialise in improving individual and organisational performance through building confidence, skills and knowledge. We Make a Difference in the following sectors: Banking; Energy; Hospitality; Logistics; Government; Shipping/Cargo; Aviation.

    We currently have a part-time opening for an ambitious business development professional who can improve our Company’s market position and achieve financial growth. This person must focus on long-term organizational strategic goals, build key customer relationships, identify business opportunities, negotiate and closes business deals and maintain extensive knowledge of current market conditions. He/she will need to find potential new customers, present to them and continue to grow business in the future. He/she will also help manage existing clients and ensure they stay satisfied and positive. They must call on clients, often being required to make presentations on solutions and services that meet or predict the clients’ future needs.

    If you have the above skills please e-mail your CV to info@people-centric.me

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  • September 2015-People-Centric Obtains Approval as an ILM Recognized Provider
    September 2015-People-Centric Obtains Approval as an ILM Recognized Provider
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    People-Centric is pleased to confirm that it has been approved as an ILM Recognized Provider by the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM).

    People-Centric is now approved to deliver programs in the GCC countries,  Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, France, United Kingdom, Germany and North America as an ILM recognized provider.”

    We share ILM’s ethos that “creating well-rounded leaders and managers, who have the essential knowledge, skills and awareness they need, and the capability and motivation to take practical action to improve individual and organisational performance” can significantly impact a Company’s performance in terms of sales, profits and growth.  By obtaining ILM’s approval, the People-Centric courses are recognized  as meeting the standards of the number one body for leadership, management and coaching qualifications in the UK and are wildly recognized by Companies as an effective basis to build and develop leadership qualities.

    “We are proud that we will be working in partnership with the largest and longest established management Awarding Organisation” stated Shaun Harper, Managing Director.  “Our participants can now benefit from not only receiving our two core programs (Presenting With Impact and Results Driven Manager) as ILM recognized but they will also receive the renowned ILM certificate upon their completion. We will also be providing additional courses such as our 5 Star Customer Service and Influencing without Authority as ILM approved courses in the coming weeks.  We are happy that we are able to Make a continuous Difference in transforming people and organizations.”

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  • June 2015- People-Centric had a sensational Month!
    June 2015- People-Centric had a sensational Month!
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    We had our first delivery of the new 2 DAYS DECISION BASE FINANCIAL SIMULATION workshop in Dubai. It was an exciting and highly interactive learning workshop.

    Martin our Training Solutions Director was also in Chile last week delivering our Management Foundation Programme to a group of South American managers. This is the first programme we have delivered in Santiago for our global client, however …we are confident with the Difference Martin made, it won’t be our last one!

    We are now ending the month in Houston delivering our Management Foundations Programme to an enthusiastic group of managers.

    Next stop: Dubai to deliver our 5 Star Customer Service Programme.

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  • Where We Are Making A Difference in 2015
    Where We Are Making A Difference in 2015
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    “Where We Are Making a Difference in 2015”


    Our trainers at People-Centric are focusing on delivering unique learning and development solutions which are transforming people and organizations, creating a high performance environment, boosting performance and productivity and ultimately improving the bottom line. 


    In 2015 “We are Making a Difference” in the following Cities:


                            Dubai                       Manama                       Rio                            

     Abu Dhabi                      Doha                             Lima

     Petra                          Houston                      Jeddah            Bogota

    Kuwait               Singapore                Bangkok                     Bali


    Follow our journey on:   www.People-Centric.me 

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